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August Squad Update

With State Age (13-18yrs) and Open Championships happening over the next few weeks, our Senior Squad, older members of Transition Squad, and Strength and Speed Squad members are preparing themselves for a big few weeks of racing. They are fine tuning their race skills, in the hopes of performing at their full potential. Good Luck over the next few weeks everyone!!

With Junior State Short Course Champs at the end of September the rest of our squads are just finishing their last blocks of tough training, before they embark on the fine tuning of race skills portion of their training block. 

Over the winter swimming season we have seen a great number of swimmers participate in the various levels of the competition and racing pathway. There has been a fantastic uptake in our introductory dragon racing mornings, with many of these swimmers also participating in our club level race nights. 

Currently at State Age Championships there has been an enormous amount of personal bests (PB's for those in the know), the coaching staff have been left awestruck by the quality of swimming that is being produced by our swimmers. All that hard work in the water is really paying off!!

What's coming up?

This translates into lots of swimmers qualifying for their relevant state championships, with 30 already qualifying for State Open Championships, and 36 current qualifiers for State Junior Championships. 

These meets see the short course winter season come to a close with the focus turning to the long course season over the summer months.

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