Dragon Racing

An introduction to racing for swimmers progressing from lessons and into squad groups.

Dragon Racing has been developed as an introduction to racing for our swimmers progressing from lessons and into our younger squad groups.

The program is designed to teach racing skills and then to have a go at implementing them in an informal racing situation. The swimmers will learn not only the skills necessary for successful racing but also will become aware of what to do at a swimming race day. Being comfortable and knowing what to do is huge for a young swimmer’s confidence!

Dragon Racing is held every Saturday morning at the Wesley College Pool from 8.00am-9.00am

Participation is free for members of our squad program (Junior Squad and above).

What to Bring?

Bathers goggles and towel, Dragon racing cap and Dragon shirt (Dragon gear supplied – it will be given to you on your first Dragon Racing session)

What do Parents do?

Parents are encouraged to come and watch. We do need assistance for timekeeping each week so ask that parents be prepared to volunteer for that job occasionally. It is not a high-pressure role so there is no cause to have any worries about it. Parents also learn a bit about swimming racing when they do this role