Strength & Speed Squad

Come along swim fast and have fun with your friends.

We have created the Strength & Speed Squad for swimmers who would like to swim up to four 45minutes sessions per week.   This squad is aimed towards swimmers who have completed competition squad and want to stay in the sport, but do not want the intense commitment of the performance squads. Typically swimmers in this group are teenagers and are training for school competition or fitness.

This group is focused on competition training and is directed at improving all strokes. Competition skills such as starts, turns and finishes are worked on during training where possible. Swimmers in this group have the option to join the Southside Penrhos Wesley Swimming Club if they would like to have racing opportunity. Advice can be sought from the coaching staff as to what competition is appropriate, Club or SwimmingWA.


We run our swimming programmes across two seasons - Summer and Winter.

Please see below for the Fee Table.

Winter 2021

Our winter season times run from the 19th of April 2021, through to the 8thof October 2021.

There are 2 options available over the Winter period

All of the winter sessions are run at the Wesley Pool

Day Time Duration
Tuesday/Thursday 6:15pm - 7:00pm 45 minutes
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7:00am - 7:45am


Our summer season times run from the 12th of October 2020, through to the 1st of April 2021. 

There are 2 options available this summer. 

Option 1:

Day Time Finish Pool
Monday 6:30pm  7:15pm Wesley
Wednesday 6:30pm  7:15pm Wesley
Friday 6:30pm 7:15pm Wesley

 Groups will be split based on age groups for these sessions

Option 2:

We have been able to open up a twice a week option for Strength and Speed. These sessions will be available for 14yrs/under swimmers.

Day Time Finish Pool
Tuesday 5:45pm  6:30pm Wesley
Thursday 5:45pm  6:30pm Wesley


Fee Table 2021

Early Bird

2.5 Month Rate


$295 (Mon/Wed/Fri) $355 (Mon/Wed/Fri)
$250 (Tues/Thurs) $290 (Tues/Thurs)
Standard Fee

2.5 Month Rate


$335 (Mon/Wed/Fri) $395 (Mon/Wed/Fri)
$290 (Tues/Thurs) $330 (Tues/Thurs)
Early Bird

3 Month Rate


$350 (Mon/Wed/Fri) $420 (Mon/Wed/Fri)
$300 (Tues/Thurs) $345 (Tues/Thurs)
Standard Fee

3 Month Rate


$390 (Mon/Wed/Fri) $460 (Mon/Wed/Fri)
$340 (Tues/Thurs) $385 (Tues/Thurs)

Early Bird Rate is applicable when fees are paid within the first month of the fee period 

Typical age groups

11-13yrs Junior

13yrs+ - Senior


Equipment required