Age Performance Squad

Train for competition, aim for excellence.

The age performance squad is for swimmers whose focus is aimed at competing at an age state and age national level. The programs training focus is designed to develop well rounded swimmers for all events of all strokes and distances within the pool. This squad builds on and further developments the techniques taught in previous squads, with the addition of increasing individual race skills, tactics, aerobic and anerobic capacity.

The program offers 8 swim sessions a week (3 mornings and 5 afternoons) with two 30 minute and one 1 hour land based exercise sessions. Each swimmer is encouraged to meet regularly with the coach to discuss their individual goals and it is recommend for those swimmers who have the goal of competing at a high performance level that they train 6 to 8 swim sessions per week and compete at targeted meets throughout the year.

Swimmers in this squad must be SSPW members and compete at State and National Championships if qualifying times have been achieved.

Session Times

Winter 2021

Our winter season times run from the 19th of April 2021, through to the 8thof October 2021.

All sessions through winter are held at the Wesley College Pool.

Day Start Finish Details
Monday 5:30am 7:15am  
5:15pm 7:00pm  
Tuesday 5:30pm 7:00pm
Land Session:
Wednesday 5:15pm 7:00pm  
Thursday 5:30am 7:15am  
5:15pm 7:00pm
Land Session:
Friday 5:15pm 7:00pm  
Saturday 8:00am 10:00am
Land Session



Our summer season times run from the 11th of October 2021, through to the 8th of April 2022. 

All morning sessions over Summer are held at the Wesley College pool, with all afternoon sessions held at the Penrhos College Pool.

Day Start Finish Details
Monday 5:30am 7:00am  
5:00pm 6:45pm  
Tuesday 5:00pm 6:45pm Land Session: tbc
Wednesday 5:00pm 6:45pm  
Thursday 5:30am 7:00am Land Session: tbc
Friday 5:00pm 6:45pm  
Saturday 8:00am 9:30am
Land Session: tbc


Fee Table 2021

Early Bird

2.5 Month Rate


$450 $525

3 Month Rate


$530 $620
Standard Fee

2.5 Month Rate


$490 $565

3 Month Rate


$570 $660

Early Bird Rate is applicable when fees are paid within the first month of the fee period. 

Equipment Required

Paddles, Pool Buoy, DMC Fins & Snorkel.


25+ Sessions per month